He is not a very good kisser!

By | February 24, 2017

I swore that I would never hook up with any of my senior dates at London escorts, but I did. It was after I had left the London escorts service that I used to work for. I actually bumped into him in the street and we stared to talk. One thing led to another, and a couple of hours later we had enjoyed both coffee and dinner together. It was kind of an odd experience and I realized by the end of the night that I had fallen in love with him.

Yes, I did tell him that I had left London escorts. He said that it was the right thing to do as he knew that I had lots of other talents. When we met, I had just come out from an art class and was on my way home. I love art but I do work in this coffee shop to keep my head above water. As my place is all paid for, I don’t have to worry about bills too much so I do a little bit of what I fancy. The plan was to get more organized in the future but I felt that I needed to some down time after having worked so hard for London escorts.

Anyway, Nick asked me if he could meet up with me again. I almost told him that I was not into having a personal relationship with my dates from London escorts, but I liked him so I did not say anything. I did remember that he was a very generous guy at London escorts. That is how our love story started and I soon found myself around driven to my art class in a very expensive car. I was still in my flat but I was sorely tempted to move into Nick’s London home.

My former colleagues at London escorts thought that I was pretty mad. Surely a guy like that could not be any good in bed. They all got it wrong – Nick is brilliant in bed and I love to have sex with him. The only thing is that he is a terrible kisser and I love to be kissed. I have said to my friends at London escorts that I plan to retrain him when it comes to kissing but that is the only thing that I have got a problem with at the moment.

Nick is the warmest and kindest guy that I know. I had to have my appendix out recently and he took me to the best hospital in London. The thing is that he makes me feel like the Queen of Sheba. He spoils me from dawn to dusk, and has just bought me a little car. Yes, I still live in my flat, but I am beginning to spend more time around Nick’s place. The only thing we need to sort out is this kissing issue, but once we have done that, I am sure that we will be just fine. Would you like to see my diamond ring? It certainly made my London escorts friends green with envy.