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Three Tips For The Perfect Kiss

Many relationships begin with the kiss being the primary form of intimacy. Bodies are slowly discovered and explored as mouths press against each other, seeking each other, and always craving more. There is considerable emotional intimacy that builds with a kiss, as our bodies are drawn close, eyes locking onto each other’s and then sliding closed just as our mouths open to taste what our hearts yearn for. But, as physical intimacy naturally progresses to include and center upon sexual intercourse, the importance of the kiss and the affect that it has upon us may be quickly forgotten and left by the road side.

However, the kiss still has its place in a relationship, no matter how long the couple has been together, and a sensual kiss that takes your breath away and leaves your knees weak can be a great lead up toward sex, or be an enticing promise of sexual activity to come later. But, there are a few things to keep in mind so that your kiss incites passion within your partner, taking their mind to thoughts of passionate, wild sex, and not wishing that you would have just left the kiss forgotten and part of your past. Here are a few tips:

Go slowly – There is a difference between passion and speed. Don’t just approach your partner and thrust your tongue into their mouth -that is not a good kiss by anyone’s standards. Rather, make little moves to build sensation, letting your partner feel your lips against theirs, gently parting, your tongue sliding forward and meeting their own.

Use your hands – As you kiss your partner, remember to touch them with your hands, too. Perhaps gently sweep your partner’s hair off of their face, run your hands slowly up their back, or take hold of their hands. This increases the sensations and conveys that you want to touch them more than just with your lips upon theirs.

Listen to your partner’s cues – A kiss isn’t just an action performed by one person: it involves you both. A good kiss is dependent upon both parties, so pay attention to subtle cues from your partner, such as their body language. Maybe they pull their body back slightly when you kiss them a certain way, while another way causes them to lean into you and moan softly.

Follow those cues and you will be well on your way to exciting your partner and making them long for wild sex with you.
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